Website SEO search engine optimisation

We’re graphic designers and website designers. Website SEO search engine optimisation is built into all our website design. We keep everything a simple as possible, all our websites are focused on making our client visible on search engines (Google etc).

There are endless aspects to SEO. Search engines (the main ones are Google and Bing) want people to have a ‘good’ search – finding the information that they are looking for.

Website SEO search engine optimisation

Our three simple SEO principles are:


If a website or website pages are relevant a search, there’s an increased possibility that the website will be found.


Keeping websites updated (weekly, monthly, several time an year) is good as it shows that the organisation is active.

Geographically relevant

Assuming that your service or product is provided in a particular geographical area, it will increase the possibilities of it that website or page being found.

What else helps with SEO?

Building up a social media presence, keeping in contact with clients and prospective clients – we’ve got lots of possibilities depending on your business or organisation. Adding a website link to texts (and emails) could be really helpful, as people may click through to the website, which would increase traffic.

Website SEO search engine optimisation

If you’d like to speak about getting a website built for your business or charity or refreshed, including SEO, we’d love to hear from you. Everything we do when we’re designing, building, maintaining and further developing a website is focused on getting it to perform well on the internet.

Website questions

Here’s our page that aims to answer questions about websites.