We make social media pages

We can set up and design your social media pages

Many business and charities believe they should have some sort of social media page or pages.

Often they don’t make progress in getting their social media set up, completed or doing regular posts.

Businesses and charities can have trouble in making progress with their social media for various reasons:

  • they never find the time
  • there’s not a team member responsible for social media
  • there’s no-one that has an interest in doing social media
  • people don’t know where to start

We can get you going on social media

We’ve been making and running social media page for more than 10 year, this includes:

  • good page names
  • descriptions
  • about
  • contact us
  • header and profile graphics and / or photos
  • all aspects of setting up a social media page

Want to talk about getting going on social media?

Please get in contact by phone or message 0777 999 1551 or email john@petermagnusdesign.co.uk

Here’s our contact page too.