Ten good reasons to have a website

Is it worth having a website for your business or charity?

I’ve put together a list of ten reasons that having a website it good for your business or charity. John – Peter Magnus Design

Ten good reasons to have a website – Peter Magnus Design

Along with reasons for having a website, I’ve done some comparisons between websites and social media.

1. Potential clients, customers or people interested in using your service, or buy your products can be reassured that you’re established and legitimate.

2. You can include links to your website or specific pages on emails, text messages and messages sent from social media, here’s the ‘What we do for children’ page on the website I built for Little Rye Nursery.

3. You have more control of potential internet visibility, than pages on social media.

4. Websites are viewable by anyone with an internet connection and a device connected to the internet, like a smartphone, laptop, tablet or computer – that’s all they need. Viewers won’t need a log-in or to create an account to view a website’s public pages.

Into the Light website designed and built by Peter Magnus Design, Watford, Herts

5. Information on websites can be changed and add to:

– services added, expanded or removed

– new pages added as needed

– you can give potential and current customers news about products and services making a short or longer news article.

6. Websites can be very simple, with essential information about your business or charity, or can contain lots of information about your area of work – whether simple or more complex, they’re inform the public about what you do.

7. If you have a website and you competitor doesn’t, you will have an advantage over them, here’s the Roofing Direct Watford Ltd website.

8. If someone asks for information about your business or charity, you can give them the website address, here’s a website I designed and built for Jane Sendall Leadership:

– during a phone call, and they can see the relevant information, illustrations, photos, products or services.

– you can email or message the link to you your website or page appropriate to the enquiry.

9. Having a website could open you up to potential customers and clients that you might not reach in other ways, customers are buying the audio download digital practice mp3s from the Music Aptitude Tests website.

10. Potential customers may enquire about services or products not promoted on your website, giving you ideas of how you might want to expand your range of services or products – Tocolo show their healthcare products on their website.

Thank you for taking a look at my ‘Reasons to have a website’ page, here’s an article I wrote about being visible on web searches:

Questions considered were:

  • Is social media more visible than a website? 
  • How do businesses and organisations make themselves visible to potential customers? 
  • Is there a definitive answer? 
  • What should be expected from church websites – and any other websites?

Questions about websites

Have you got questions about websites, here are some questions and answers about websites, that clients and prospective clients ask.

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