How we design logos

A lot of graphic designers will say that designing logos is their favourite thing

I’ve designed a lot logos and brand identities and love the logo design process. John

I’ve been so blessed to have been asked to design logos for quite a few Watford start up businesses and charities. Often logos need to be updated or refreshed too. We’ve done logos for businesses and charities in the London and Herts, Beds and Bucks area too.

Here’s information about our logo design process – each logo designer will work in a slightly different way

What the clients want

The number one thing for our clients and us should be to get the right logo for the people that client wants to reach.

We also want our clients to love the logos we design for them, keeping in mind that it has be attractive for the audience they want to attract.

Agreeing a price

When people contact me about my process for designing logos, I give them a price I will honour.

If there is a lot of work that we’ll be doing for the client, we may reduce the cost of the logo.

We’re always open to discuss on prices – we need to earn some money, but are keen to keep the graphic design work coming in.

Every logo designer will have their own way of charging:

  • some will charge an hourly rate
  • some will have prices for how many designs they offer
  • some will have a set amount of changes they’re happy to do

We keep things very simple, and just want to get to a final logo that the client can believe in, here’s our page showing the Peter Magnus Design logo design process.


My inspirations can come from anywhere – a visit to a local shop or supermarket, tv, a walk down the road. A change of scene, or doing something different often helps my thought process to come up with ideas for the logo that I’m working on.

I’ll often do some work on a logo, then leave it and come back to it the next day, to check whether it looks convincing.

Here’s the Peter Magnus Design reviews page – where you can see what some clients have written about us.

Logo colours

Peter Magnus Design colours

Deciding on colours for logos is always exciting. There are colours that might be expected for particular kinds of work – green for garden services.

I like to see if we could try to use colours that are different to what’s normally expected, just to make if special for that business or charity.