Brand development – GHHC

Garden House Hospice serves North West Hertfordshire, including Hitchin, Welwyn Garden City and Baldock. They came to a point where they realised that their branding was ready for a make-over. Their aim was to make it more attractive to potential younger fundraisers and to freshen it up for existing fundraisers, staff and volunteers. They also have seven shops in (towns?).

We were asked to work on the new brand, including a logo, it would be applied to external & internal signs, service leaflets, stationery and leaflet holders.

The branding would be applied to everything that was produced internally and externally for the hospice. 

The current logo featured a cornflower. It seemed to be a good idea for the new logo to have a cornflower to keep some continuity with the existing brand. 

We did some research into cornflowers, looking at colours and shapes, trying to define the best blue, one which was acceptable as a cornflower colour and worked well with the logo and the items that it needed to be applied to. There seemed to be two main shapes, a more full one, and one that was much more pointed with really nice curves, coupled with spiky points. Having settled on a cornflower to base the new logo on, it needed to be created as an illustration. We selected various flowers

The new name

The font

The signage


Service leaflets